Thursday, January 11, 2007

Color and Inspiration

This painting, 'Light on Earth' is in a group show in Pasadena, which closes tomorrow. I painted this when I still lived in Chicago, and found when I moved to Los Angeles that this painting was inspired by the hills I hike here. I'd already been painting Southern California a year or more before I moved here!

As an artist, I find my inspiration everywhere: color, music, nature, light, words, movies, people, the Astral, energy. Sometimes I just want to explore a color, and I work through it in my head until I can finally paint it. I've been working green a lot lately, and then when I'm ready I'll move on to purple or orange, gold, red, magenta, or all of them together. I can see by what colors I need or want around me where I am working.
I can think and see in color.

Energy has color; this is how clairvoyants see. When I give a reading to someone I am looking at their energy, and I see their colors and also the colors that are not them. I also see the pictures and so on, but I start with color.
The colors of the West Coast are so different from the Midwest. I'm in a whole new relationship with color. One of my goals as an artist is to be a great colorist, so I welcome the change. It has me looking at color from a completely different perspective.

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