Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New New New!!!

It's the 2nd day of a new year, and I have that brand new year enthusiasm. I hit the ground running today. Tomorrow marks the 3 month anniversary of my move to Los Angeles from Chicago. I'm still not over how people think it's so cold out here, which it's not, even though it's winter. I'm that pesky person from 'back east' that laughs out loud when you tell me it's cold and I'm in a jean jacket in December! Brrrr. Even my sister, who's lived here for 9 years, laughs at me for wearing sandals in what she calls 'winter'.

Anyway, enough making fun of what I will no doubt be doing once I have lived here long enough.

I am an artist and clairvoyant. The two go hand in hand, so far as I am concerned.


karas said...

silly west coast sissies- they don't know what cold is!! However, thanks to global warming, we are having a very sultry winter here in the midwest. It's the beginning of January, daffodils are coming up, forsythia is blooming, I can almost feel the polar ice caps melting now. Keep those sandals on grrrrrl!

disclaimer- the term "silly west coast sissies" does not reflect the opinion of this artist and clairvoyant. ;-) just some silly midwest blogger

SilverIz said...

Well, this is a surprise. Friend from long ago...I get to see your work and I love your color! I have been in NC for 8 years after leaving WI of 15 years. would love to hear from you. JM can give you my email. I know what you mean about the 'cold' I still laugh... in the mountains they cancell school with the threat of snow. :-)
jan patrick