Saturday, November 3, 2007

Abstract Cartoon

Sometimes my work is effortless. Case in point: 'Abstract Cartoon', pictured here. It was just an easy painting to make. No muss, no fuss, lots of fun. I didn't judge it harshly as I sometimes do. Not every abstract painting comes this easily. Some have more baggage, and I am mean to them. Nasty. You are ugly pointless bad sucky I will never finish you nasty. Then I have to make up with the painting, sometimes it's really pissed off at me.

I want to make more paintings like 'Abstract Cartoon'. Perhaps to remember the effortlessness? The freedom of just throwing the paint on the canvas, trusting that I know what the hell I'm doing (it's OK sir, I have a license to do this), perhaps the attitude of permission? The joy of playing is a great reason to paint, and something I want more of while I do so.

"Abstract Cartoon" 2007 22"x15"

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