Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amusement Garden

What if you could plant amusement? Sow the seeds of amusement so it would grow, and then you'd be able to pick it, to harvest all that amusement? Wouldn't it come in handy on a day that was the antithesis of amusement? Like having a stash of chocolate when everyone thought it was all gone and it's raining like heck out and everyone wants some and nobody wants to go to the store for more. Wait! - You remember just in time that gorgeous chocolate put away for a...rainy day!

So what if amusement could work that way too? It's only one of the most valuable energies you could possibly ever meet. If you ran into amusement in a dark alley, it would laugh at you for being frightened of it.

You might want to get started on your own amusement garden today. A good place to start: what makes you laugh out loud? That's a good thing to plant in your garden. What gives you joy, makes you happy, helps you get away from the prevailing miserable wisdom? The Waaahhhhs? (I am personally amused by the Waaahhhhs, but please don't tell them!)

"Amusement Garden" 2007 14"x14"

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Neda said...

You know what I love about you and your blog? The everyday surprises you come up with! This post is absolutely mindblogging. I love your spirit of play and wonder. Bravo, Kris!