Thursday, November 29, 2007

Being Seen

Many people I give readings to are looking for the same thing: permission to be seen, to shine. And to shine being who they are, doing what they want to do. No coincidence I moved to Los Angeles, which so many flock to for this reason.

"I want to be a star!" - How about being the star of your own life?

I read a book recently that illustrates this theme so beautifully, "Undercover", by Beth Kephart. The heroine narrates the story, which follows her adventures as she is pursued by a number of young men in her high school, not because they want to romance her, but because she can write the magical verses that win for them the young women they are romancing. She is the school's Cyrano, at the expense of her own happiness. There is the point in the story where she decides to have more:

"But the greatest tragedy of all is letting invisibility win. It's choosing to give up the thing you want because you think you don't deserve it."

I love it when people reach conclusions like this! I cheer them on and wish them the best. They have decided to change, to grow. What was once good enough no longer is. How cool is that? That's always the best part of the movie, when the hero or heroine changes like this. If everything begins and ends the same, how boring it would be.

The same is true with real life, and I am not talking so called reality TV. I mean my life, and yours, and his over there. Change is the norm, actually. Even if we don't want it. Especially then.

So why not embrace it now, and have a say in how it happens? What is the change you'd like to become?

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Beth Kephart said...

I am extraordinarily lucky to have met Kris Cahill through this blogging medium.

Thank you, Kris, for this exquisite posting.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

I think this is so true for so many of us. Feeling invisible ... and wanting and needing to take the risk of being our own star and drummer ... I know that is what gets triggered when I think everyone else is liked better than me. (It can get real triggered on blogs - silly me!)

I checked to make sure I was on the Etsy mini blog ... and at least that day we are next to each other .. I find that comforting!

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

You are amazing, Kris. How true. It took me many years a few major illnesses to stop being invisible. And what a great feeling that is. Thank you for bing our personal "life coach"...

Kris Cahill said...

Thank you all so much for your thoughtful and great comments!

Beth, I experienced a sense of healing during and after reading your book. It brought me to tears, and then a smile. I will continue to tell people about your beautiful writing!

Diane, I agree with you. It's scary to stand out, to be seen. And what are we doing but being artists who must do this if we want to have our work seen!

Neda, It took me a lot to get to this point too, including some big challenges in my life. Like you, I am in a different place now, and stronger and wiser for it.

Much success to all of you!