Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bye Bye Bluebirds

Happily, I sold one of my favorite abstracts this week to two people who already own a large red and hot pink abstract of mine. "Bluebirds" is on its way to its new home in Chicago.

This piece was a breakthrough for me in many ways, and like many of my paintings, took me a while to "get it". Sometimes what I create doesn't sink in for a while. Especially if it's a new idea, an adventure into uncharted territory. I don't get my own work. I'm too close to it, and have a hard time separating enough to be objective. Perhaps this is normal, but it drives me crazy sometimes.

The most important thing is to be able to see it myself. My goal as an artist is to see my work clearly, without judgment, and to allow myself to simply make it. Get out of my own way. It's when I begin comparing it to others, stop listening to myself, or wallow in negative energy, that I am Stuck and cannot begin to contemplate how I will dig myself out of my self imposed rut. Waaahhh!

I must back off, go away, eat chocolate, meditate, laugh, obsess about shoes...or something else. It helps to get feedback, and I want that. I'm not making my paintings so that they can sit in a vacuum, or a dark closet. The desire to communicate is great, and painting is one way I do this. Having validation within, no matter what the outside world says or does, is the key to creative freedom, at least for me.

"Bluebirds" 2006 26"x20"

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