Monday, November 5, 2007

The Cloud Appreciation Society

Sometimes the skies in my paintings are all about drama. I must say, I really enjoy a good dramatic sky. And who doesn't? Honestly, these blue sunny skies in Southern California get kinda boring. I don't mean to knock them, they are really pretty. And the smog in LA makes for some colorful sunsets, especially after all the fires this season... I grew up in the Midwest, and interesting skies and clouds happen everyday. Or at least that's how I remember them. The clouds are how the sky paints with light.

A good sky can set the tone for the day. Where would film noir be without moody skies? If there are outdoor scenes, you can bet it's grey, misty, dark, cloudy, dramatic. Every film I've seen by Eastern European
directors takes place on a cloudy day. Usually in the snow. It's all about mood. And conversely, beach movies have to have blue skies. The mood is lighter, fluffy. Maybe this is why Southern California has this reputation?

What inspires me about clouds is the stories that come with them. A
dancing sky, pictures in the clouds, light that is reflected through clouds. I recently found out about and joined a wonderful group called The Cloud Appreciation Society. Yes, one exists. It's very inexpensive to join, and you will receive a badge, certificate, and welcome letter with your member number on it. There is a wonderful website, and members can upload their cloud photos/art/writing. Lots of fun!

"Cloud Appreciation Society" 2007 34"x32" Available at

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