Monday, November 19, 2007


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not just because it's a day to eat fabulous food, socialize, and watch football and parades.

To me, Thanksgiving isn't even about History. There are differing versions of the true meaning and circumstances of the first Thanksgiving.

I prefer to have my own present time experience of Thanksgiving: it's about giving thanks. Simple. I like a holiday that is all about gratitude. I celebrate my birthday near Thanksgiving, so it's always a special time of year for me personally. I am already celebrating my own New Year, and grateful to be doing so.

Having gratitude is a good feeling. If I can learn to be grateful for my biggest challenges and especially, challengers, I'm doing well. After all, I attracted them to me for a good reason. I'm trying to get somewhere with this energy I'm stuck in, and they are only helping.

I finally realized this a few years ago when I attracted the wrath of a very angry person. I really didn't get it for the longest time, and in fact couldn't see it for the life of me. When, after a (way too) long time I finally did get it, one thing that helped it to clear was gratitude.

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