Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lucy, You Got Some Splainin To Do

Lucy always seemed to create chaos, wherever she was, whatever she did. It was a little painful and a lot funny to watch her. There was a demand to somehow fit into a not very clown like world when she was a natural clown. Square peg in a round hole. And so here is the secret of the healing 'I Love Lucy' gave to anyone who watched. A look into the inner world of A Regular Person who just never fit in, but kept trying, dammit!

How many times a day do each of us handle the demand to 'splain ourselves, to make sense to someone else, to be "nice", to heal another by not freaking them out with our truth?

This picture comes up in so many readings I've given recently, which is a sure indicator that I am working on it right now too. It really is a healing given to another, this making sense stuff. The healing given to yourself is to NOT have to make sense! It's a difficult and radical action to take in this society. I challenge you.

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Beth Kephart said...


When I was younger I'd paint pages inside blank books with mood colors, and then write my poems on top of those.

Visiting your site today, following the trail of your very kind comments, I smiled. There are the mood colors, but: There they are, so beautifully done. Thank you for leading me to them.