Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Queen's Court

Though this painting is from this year, it is a continuation of a series I began in 2005. I made so many versions of this image, and still love it. The sky became more dramatic in each successive painting, the colors more intense. Every painting truly has its own space, and though I might attempt to create a similar piece, I can't duplicate. Nor would I want to, what is learned there? It gets boring to make a painting just like the last one. If I'm exploring a similar idea, I want to take it someplace new and add something else, take a risk somehow.

That is what's fun about painting, for me, that risk taking. Because unlike most painters, I can't paint over what I'm doing. Water colorists know what I mean; their technique has a similar challenge. I paint in reverse, backwards, onto clear vinyl, and I can't correct what I've done once the paint dries. Which is pretty darn quick, and then it will never be removed from the vinyl. Except with a blow torch, which is a technique I have not yet embraced. Hey, there's always time!

So if I have a correction to make it had better be immediately. If I don't like what I've done to begin with and it dries, I often don't complete the piece. I can do a preliminary sketch, but that doesn't substitute for the actual material I work with. So I have learned to Destroy more. Aah! I don't have to be perfect?

I've been revisiting my old work as I get ready to start the new. Wonderful activity for the end of an intense year. Lots of certainty, and somehow I've released the need to explain myself. How the heck did I do that? Don't ask.

"The Queen's Court" 2007 35"x32" at

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Noel said...

I love this painting, thank you!