Friday, November 16, 2007

Red Blooms of Spring

Okay, so it's not Spring, it's almost Winter. And I was thinking about Christmas and how this painting kind of looks like that, being red and green and all. Every painting has a story, and here's one for you.

I grew up in Chicago, which is not known for its 12 foot high-plus bougainvillea hedges. Hell, I thought I was doing pretty good getting a hibiscus to grow 5 feet tall there. Then I moved to Los Angeles, and OMG, what ARE those flowers?!! I love the red bougainvillea that bloom, incredibly, on a very urban truck route through downtown LA. I am amazed at them; in a year with the lowest rainfall on record, (3"), they are sexy and ROCK my eyes when I drive past them!

In the sunlight they glow, incredibly. Along the same route, there are coral, purple, pink hedges too. But the red ones are magical. They bloomed big in the Spring, hence the name of the painting.

"Red Blooms of Spring" 2007 14"x14" Kris Cahill

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Sue O'Kieffe said...

Hi Kris,
You probably say somewhere but I've not found it yet. What medium do you use? Acrylics? (That's pretty close to vinyl :) )
~Sue O'Kieffe