Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Sea Dream

It's one of those cloudy night skies with a big bright moon backing it up. This lights up the dramatic sky, which looks like it's boiling with the wind, the sea following suit. It feels normal for this place though, this is how it is here.

Sensing the energy that lives in this place, shivering with pleasure at this rich night, you feel fortunate to be here to see this. You suspect it to be larger than humans have the ability or desire to comprehend. The emotions this brings up criss cross inside of you, longing for something you feel you knew once, when? A disquieting sense of missing something. Loss, is it still loss when you don't know what's lost? Yet a feeling of optimism remains, it's not too late.

You wake up feeling the dream, deeply. A change has taken place within you, though no one can see it. The day ahead of you seems much less real than the dream you just left.

"The Sea Dream" 2006 30"x36" at

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