Monday, November 26, 2007


Another painting inspired by renewal, growth, new beginnings. The green is what does it for me, as I've been saying: I'm in a very Green season.

It's interesting to become aware of what I've been taking for granted lately. It is so easy for everyday objects and 'realities' to become invisible to the naked eye. Simply by virtue of the fact that now they are common, normal. Like palm trees in my backyard, a heated pool I can go in year round, walking around in flip flops most days in the year. I never used to have permanent flip flop marks on my feet. Not for the first hmmmmany years of my life.

It's odd when I become aware of now taking for granted the surrounding landscape, which is quite different from the Midwestern one I lived in for so long. When I visited Chicago in August, I realized I missed certain trees, and rain in summer. Which is different than rain in winter, which to be honest I don't miss much.

And it was nice to not see palm trees everywhere. In Chicago, palm trees would be disturbing. Whereas in LA, people decorate them for the holidays. Swear.

My point is the forgetting, the taking for granted things that become familiar. All too easy for anyone to do in this ever faster paced time we live in. Being able to create time to Be is lovely, difficult, and most important.

"Spring" 2007 26"x20" at


andrea said...

Lovely and ethereal work. My dream is to live somewhere where I can wear flip flops 12 months a year, though last year, after wearing them daily for three months and running 3 times/week (not in flip flops! :) I developed a nasty case of plantar fasciitis...

Neda said...

You are so right: having traveled quite a bit in my life, I have noticed the amazing variety of foliage: from the blue greens of the Lebanese mountains to the vibrant teals in Italy to the ochres in D.c....amazing what we discover once we just stop and look. Thank you for reminding us of all that :)