Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Truck Day

A Truck Day is a day on which big trucks keep blocking one's path. Even though it's a pain in the ass, I have come to accept Truck Days for the signpost they are to let me know Energy Is Not Moving. As if I wasn't already aware of it, and needed a huge multi-ton vehicle to rub it in. Maybe it died in front of me on a small street and the oncoming traffic is not sympathetic. Or it was Optimistic, yet still got stuck under the overpass. Hate that. Or, as is often the case in downtown Los Angeles where I live, it tried to run me down. Which is kinda funny if it's not happening on a day when you absolutely have to be somewhere or are trying to get things done.

I feel like a character in a cartoon strip when this is happening.

Today, as I'm sure you've already guessed, was a Truck Day. On the surface of it, things were going well. It didn't look like anything was stuck necessarily, so I decided this Truck Day was about moving things out of my way. That was after my first morning Truck, which combined with a few other things to make me, gasp!, late for an appointment. I am almost never late, and often early, sometimes laughably so. But I absolutely could not control the morning's events, so I was late. Which didn't become funny for a while. After it kept happening, both on my way there, and on my way back. After I went out again to run errands, and there it was again. Hello, Twilight Zone?

I have happily regained my amusement this evening and haven't seen one truck since I came home.

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