Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bronze Heart

With the Holidays nearly over, and as far as I'm concerned, 2007 completely over, I feel a sense of liberation. I have done with this year of 2007, and it's time to clean it up and get rid of things. And have fun, like ice skating in downtown LA tomorrow with palm trees in the background. I want to experience this interesting combination. We drove past the ice rink, which is only open until January 6 because it gets too warm after that. Some people were wearing shorts while ice skating, and they are not in the Ice Capades. Although being LA, you never know.

One of my fondest memories of ice skating was when I was 9 and living in Chicago, which has lots of ice skating and no palm trees. My brothers and I went to the ice skating rink at Ridge Park, which was a good mile or so from our house. It was a very cold day. So cold that my ice skate laces froze up and nobody, not even the few adults present, could untie them when I wanted to put my boots on to walk home. I walked home in my ice skates, mostly on people's lawns because it had snowed a lot recently. I felt very silly, and attracted some attention from people noticing the weird kid walking along on their lawns in her ice skates. C'est la vie.

But back to purging. Many things must go: clothes, books, cd's, and stuff. I like letting go of my stuff. On all kinds of levels. I am at a place in my life where I would rather have less of what I really like than a lot of what I don't. Plus I am an iPod user, and never play cd's anymore. When my car window was smashed a few months ago and a lot of cd's were stolen, I realized I didn't need to buy them anymore. ITunes!

I look forward to freeing up my energy, and creating some space in my home and studio simply by getting rid of stuff. I am less squeamish than I used to be. Questions I ask myself while going through my wardrobe are: how do I feel when I wear this? Is it validating? Do I make excuses when I put it on? This all takes about 3 seconds, but it works. And the same goes for other energies I may be wearing: does this invalidation make me look bad?

"Bronze Heart" 1998 30"x25"


dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

Good for you!!

This heart is beautiful!

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

Greetings from Beirut, Kris!!! So much reading to catch up. I "heart" your new posts :)

May the New Year bring you serenity, joy, and love (and bring us more of your insights and lovely art too!)