Monday, December 10, 2007

Drawing Is Fun

For some time now, I have been trying to get myself to draw more. I carry a journal with me everywhere. I write down my dreams, inspirations, ideas for blog entries, titles for paintings, songs I hear on the radio, inspiration for a new painting series, a color combination I want to paint, an idea for a skirt or jacket I want to make, along with quick sketches of these things to remind myself.

Sometimes I write down snatches of conversations I overhear. My favorite is one I overheard at Home Depot. Noel and I were shopping for houseplants for our new LA home. In the garden section, I saw an elderly couple. The wife was saying to her husband, "They have your snapdragons! Would you like some snapdragons?" She was so excited about the snapdragons and her husband wasn't. It left me wondering what the story was about Snapdragon Man.

I digress. I want to draw more. Just last week I bought myself a new sketchbook for Serious Drawing Only. And I resolved that when I go to Chicago for the Holidays next week I will bring it, and some drawing tools. I have this perfect picture of sitting in a cafe with a lovely cup of tea, drawing away.

Then tonight I was tooling around on some new blogs I found from links here and there, and I found this:

“But I don’t have time to draw...”
Draw lunch as you eat it : 1 drawing
Draw the news as you watch it: 4 drawings
Skip 1 sitcom: 3 drawings
Skip 1 basketball game: 11 drawings
Overtime: 2 drawings
Draw in the locker room at the gym: 2 drawings
Draw the coffeemaker while you wait for the coffee to perk: 1 drawing
Draw in line at the supermarket: 1 drawing
Stay up an extra 10 minutes: 1 drawing
Get up 10 minutes early: 1 drawing
Draw during commercials: 6 drawings per hour
Draw every time you smoke a cigarette: 1 drawing
Draw till the waiter brings dessert: 1 drawing
Draw in the tub: 1-2 (waterproof) drawings
Draw on the phone: 2 drawings
Draw during a pedicure: 2 drawings
Draw in the doctor’s/ dentist’s/ therapist’s waiting room: 1 drawing
Draw at the red light: 1 drawing
Get to work early, stay in the car: 1 drawing
Take the bus: 2 drawings
Draw while waiting for spouse to get ready: 2 drawings
Draw what you’re cooking while it cooks: 1 drawing
Draw on the john: 1 drawing

From a free downloadable PDF found on Danny Gregory's blog.

Thank you, Danny Gregory, for the inspiration and permission!

I realized when reading this non effort list that I have been putting so much energy on making my drawings perfect. What crap! I have one resolution for 2008 lined up so far, and it's this: Draw! No matter what. I have some new forms to create, and I know drawing is the key.

How about you, do you like to draw? What are your favorite drawing tools?

"Cosmic Flower" 2005 32"x28" acrylic on vinyl painting


dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

I love this drawing!! It is great! What a good idea of drawing like that.

I think I want to start making ACEOs as drawing ... but not quite got down how it will work out well for me yet.

~ Diane Clancy

Kris Cahill said...

Thank you, Diane.

I'm sorry, but I forgot to mention that this is a painting, not a drawing.

I want to make more drawings, and some of my paintings remind me of that!

I'd love to see your ACEOs as drawings.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

This is lovely and I am interested in your method of reverse painting on vynil (sp!) which I have never heard of before!
The dandelion you commented on in my blog was what we called the fairy flower as kids because of the little 'fairies' that fly away when you blow on it!
I would love to see your interprutation if you paint it! Thankyou for sharing your art with us.Lisa :)