Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Energy of Magic

It is no secret to those who know me that I love the Harry Potter books. The story of the boy wizard who didn't know he was magical for the first eleven years of his life, who didn't fit into his Muggle neighborhood, who was constantly being punished for being different, spoke to me from the first page of the first book.

When I became a Psychic Meditation teacher, I'd often have students ask what books they could read to help them with their studies. "Harry Potter", I'd answer. Some of them liked that, others wanted me to prescribe serious spiritual tomes, which I did not read. Harry Potter! And InStyle Magazine! Don't forget the Onion! These are some of my most important textbooks. Some people expect their spiritual teachers to read more "relevant" works. OK, how about ummmmmm....Dr. Seuss? "Harold and the Purple Crayon"?

Harold, like Harry, performed magic. Harry had a wand, Harold a purple crayon. He would draw and his world would appear. Very clairvoyant of him.

Harry had to study hard to learn how to use his abilities. I liked that, it rang true. Nothing came easy to him, and yet he was Magic. He still had to decide to grow, had to become stronger, suffered great losses. Even though he was a powerful wizard, he was also still so human.

To me the Energy of Magic is all this, and more. Just living can be a magical act. If one decides to have the energy of magic, how different a day can be. I notice that I have this energy more when I am present and aware of what's happening around me. Then I attract magical things to myself. It's fun. (I count smiles from strangers among the magical things.)

"Energy of Magic" 2007 14"x14" at


Neda said...

I love Harry and Howard too! Having grown up with only French literature, I delighted in discovering children's books written (or drawn in purple) in English while raising my little Texan.

I love your teaching method and your undeniable joie de vivre :)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

I LOVE Harry Potter!! I don't know Harold )I should go look it up) ...

I think the whole idea of having to learn to use and also to manage whatever abilities we have is so true!

~ Diane Clancy