Sunday, December 2, 2007

Eye of the Fish

There I was, innocently painting away, and this wild fish showed up out of nowhere and proceeded to take over my painting! What could I do, helpless in the fierce face of the fish? And its eye. Eye of the Fish!

To me this has always looked like a Fish On Fire. That may be a different painting for another day.

What I like this piece for is its carefree energy, which I remember having while painting it. How fabulous to be carefree - when I am actually there it is a wonderful feeling and I can't imagine why I'd want to be anything else. Ha!

There is a dark underbelly to this piece too, kind of like a Dead Fish. Perhaps a bit colorful still on the surface, but not the whole story. No need to camouflage the truth here. Adults think they need to do this: lie to be polite. Children learn this behavior from adults, sometimes forcibly. "Don't say that, it's not polite!" might often be the response from an adult when a child says what he or she is experiencing or seeing. Children learn to judge this way, themselves and others. The adults don't necessarily mean any harm; they are trying to help the children acclimate to the social mores.

Unfortunately for us all, the social mores involve lots of lying. We are all guilty. This doesn't make us wrong. It just may be time to stop lying! The pressure to keep lying is great. And we may become unpopular if we stop doing so. But we may also start to see more clearly.

We may not even know we are lying. If something is repeated often enough, it becomes "truth", or we make it so by believing it without question.

As is my custom at the end of a year, I begin writing my goals for the new year. They change often enough, while still retaining an integrity and consistency. I know all the facts aren't in today, and I expect they'll be coming along when I'm ready, so I give myself permission to change, A LOT.

One of my goals, for every year, remains consistent. Truth. My own. I work on this every day.

"Eye of the Fish" 2007 40"x36" at


dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

Truth sounds good ... and usually one can tell the truth with kindness ... I like that when possible.

This is a great image!

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

Being true to oneself is a rare treasure; being true for all to see is a gigantic feat. But we are all hopefully getting there.. I find blogging reinforces that feeling of being real although we are all communicating in such a made up world..Can't express it clearly now.

Love the blue fish. I see it!