Sunday, December 23, 2007

Landscape in Green

The end of the year wrap up continues with this piece, 'Landscape in Green'. It always reminds me of being in a place where the energy is moving along, just moving through. I kind of feel like that now, here visiting my hometown. There is nothing to do except Be Here. Oh yes, and wear way more clothing than I normally do. Today it is 15 degrees outside, wind chill still unexperienced as I haven't left the hotel yet. Soon hunger pangs will drive me to do so.

Noel and I have had a whirlwind visit, filled with people we've known for so long. I also like to see who I will just run into, the unplanned visits. I expect to see a few familiar faces today, nobody in particular, since that seems to be the energy.

This city I lived in for so long is familiar, and also distinctly new to me. I love to come back and see with my new eyes, unaccustomed as they are to the everyday here. So even though I miss my flip flops, I am embracing bundling up again. We came in very late last night, about 2AM, after going to see a friend's band play at a club. It was warm, upper 40's, and raining like hell. Loved it!

I feel happy and grateful to be where I am today, more secure and with much more perspective about where I am going. I had to leave this place to find my new place in this world, and I don't mean Los Angeles!

"Landscape in Green" 2005 32"x40"

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