Monday, December 31, 2007

My Beautiful Red Planet

I've made a lot of paintings of earths and planets. I called this one 'My Beautiful Red Planet'. I imagined that it was my own personal planet, one that I created. Of course it would be beautiful, and here it is surrounded by gold.

As I have repeatedly mentioned in recent posts, I am getting ready for the next paintings, the 2008 paintings. I made 105 paintings in 2007, created some new ways of doing so, showed many of them, sold a bunch.

What do I want to create in 2008? Here are a few of my art goals.

1. More trees. I love my trees, and have not painted one since moving to LA. I love the trees here, especially the silk floss trees, and the jacarandas in bloom.

2. More flowers, especially the quirky ones. They are magical to me.

3. More abstracts like this one. Love the colors, movement, lines. The freedom I experience while making one of these is why I do it.

4. Drawing For Fun. I enjoy visiting all the bloggers who sketch and draw, and I find myself drawn to this activity, no pun intended!!

5. Lots of hearts. I plan to market them in a big way for Valentine's Day, and find a place to show them regularly. Also I want to open a Cafe Press shop and feature the hearts, as well as in my Etsy store.

6. A new website. Two, actually. One for my clairvoyance, one for the art, linked. It has become increasingly obvious to me that I need a better way of communicating about both. A little bit everyday.

7. To continue to blog everyday. Writing everyday is a great exercise, and I am learning a lot doing this. I am also inspired by the many people I meet this way.

8. Apply for lots more art shows. I showed work in LA, Chicago, and Brooklyn in 2007. I want to do a lot more of this in 2008, get my work out there. I was rejected more than accepted, and am learning to accept this as a part of the game and not take it so personally.

The main goal I have is to have fun while living my life. If I am having fun, things are working and I am attracting to myself what I want. The energy of fun is very attractive!

How would you like to have more fun in 2008?

"My Beautiful Red Planet" 2005 32"x32" acrylic on vinyl

1 comment:

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

Good to hear what you plan to do! I vote flowers and more flowers ...

I plan to paint a lot more .. and off the computer too ... with real materials!!

Nd I have to decide some which way to go.

~ Diane Clancy