Sunday, December 9, 2007

Night Tree

When I made this painting, I was playing with mixing two colors into several tones, and using this as my palette. The two colors here are gold and black. I like the resulting drama and contrast.

This tree is surrounded by energy, and is aware of that energy. There is no problem here, nothing to solve. The ground even looks like it is swirling. The earth turns, continues to move, and the sky has its own movement.

Sometimes it can feel like things are stuck and just NOT moving. That is a good indicator that it may be time to let go of something. What to let go of is up to you. I've noticed for myself that I always know what has to go, even if I don't wanna know it. Resistance is futile. Surrender, Dorothy.

If you could change one thing about yourself overnight tonight, what would it be?

"Night Tree" 2003 32"x28"


ARTzy FaRtZy GiRL said...

Dear Kris,

I always get inspired when I come to your blog! :) Your paintings and words bring light and love to my senses.

After reading your four most recent posts just now, and feeling awestruck at your brilliance, I had an idea!....

Remember that I told you I want to feature you and your work on my new blog? What would you say, since you live so close to me, if I vlog you for my blogs and video channels?

A producer who believes in me, just gifted a new Canon HD 'fancy' video camera (with too many dang buttons! oi vay!) for me to use in creating a number of hour long programs for a global 'shoshana rose' channel. Ok, WOW!...sounds crazy, I know. 'Little ole' me, on T.V.?'

So I told him: "Listen, there's no way that I personally can produce enough interesting content to keep a show alive, much less, a channel! I will need to get others involved. I should like to do reality vlogs about other creative, gifted people; like myself. Artists, dancers, poets, writers, musicians, etc."

Well, he agreed! :)

So Kris, if you're up for it, may we plan a shoot of you at work in your studio? You will be my first female artist, featured on a vlog that I will send to the producer as a sample of the kind of content I want/will produce for him/us.

Thank you for your most inspiring posts! I love you!


Neda said...

About me (and not the world?) ..I'd say I wish I could eliminate my fear(s)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

Great image and delightful commentary!!

One thing ... first that I would be incredibly healthy!! (that the illness was bye bye)

But what I can change? Staying totally serene - often with passion - but not letting things get to me. That I stay aligned all the time.

Ice storm so things are delayed until next week .. so you will know why when I disappear for a bit.

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

You were right when you said the colours created drama! This is a dramatic piece, very moody and I get the impression it is after a storm (not nessecarily a weather storm) not during.
I am intriqued!