Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Place of Healing

I recently completed this commission piece for a woman who is a healer. It hangs in her healing center in Pacific Palisades. It's large, 30"x60", a bit bigger than what I usually paint. Often when I create larger works, they are for commissions.

Because of my reverse technique, I often don't plan pieces that are wider than my own "wing span", which is about 60". I need to be able to hold the piece up to my mirror to see what's happening as I work, and wider is harder. Even 60" is kind of difficult, but I work it out by getting someone to help me. It's important to be able to see what's happening immediately, before the first layer of paint dries. Once acrylic dries on vinyl, fuggedaboudit! It can't be removed without scratching the vinyl, which then ruins the piece. I have learned to accept the pieces that happen on the way to the one I end up finishing, as my sketches. Create and Destroy!

I would like to give myself the freedom to do a lot more of this: sketching, experimenting, creating new forms without judgment or fear. To let go of the need to create a perfect finished thing, a "success", because my studio time is so precious. I am certain other artists experience this dilemma from time to time. I know it is coming up for me now because I'm planning to create something new, and also to break some old patterns and habits.

I talked about success last night with some friends. What does it take, what must one be willing to give, and what does success mean anyway? What is it worth? Someone else's definition of success may have defined yours, and so you madly pursue a goal, only to find it doesn't make you happy. Is that still success when you get there?

At this time in history, people all over this amazing planet we live on are redefining success for themselves. To me it looks like many people searching for what is true for them. That is a place of healing. Beautiful!

"A Place Of Healing" 2007 30"x60" Commission


dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

This is so important to redefine success for ourselves ... I think I will be doing a lot of thinking this next month or so...

Remember I will be away for a few days ... I will post but not comment.


~ Diane Clancy

Debi said...

Oh my. This is BEAUTIFUL. All your pieces are, but some just squeeze my heart. This is one.

I can't imagine that you worry about "success." Your work -- as I see it -- is successful in every way. I admired the discussion you wrote here about how permanent it is and how you have to embrace the "mistakes." I don't see them. I only see joyfulness and passion.

I'm glad you do what you do.