Saturday, December 1, 2007

Playing With Fire

Exciting news - this painting, "Playing With Fire", has been chosen as one of the six featured pieces at Every month 6 artists are chosen, and one piece from each is featured, along with a link to their website. My painting may be seen on this site through December.

"Playing With Fire" is the first large piece I created in the Energy Series. I love this larger size, 36" x 36", because the pattern I am working with can be played out more. I am pleased with how the energy looks like it is undulating, and I picture a fire being fed from deep within. The turquoise is the fire sparking up and out. The painting has so much depth and emotion, and I feel that I surpassed what I intended to create here. It is always nice to have this attitude about my own work, a feeling I would like to experience much more.

Fire is dangerous, attractive, warming, passionate, hot tempered, action oriented, fast moving, unpredictable, colorful, destructive. Not an energy to take lightly, certainly one to be friendly with.

You can see "Playing With Fire" in person at the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, hanging above the front reception desk, where it will be through December.

"Playing With Fire" 2007 36"x36" at


Neda said...

You deserve it! You've gor the fire inside...Wish I could visit the exhibit right now! Bravo!

Katy Abramson said...

this piece is really powerful. i bet it really energizes the space it occupies.

Debi said...

Wonderful piece! A complete ball of passionate and consuming energy. It blew my socks off. I love the stray pieces of turquoise in it -- it conveys the destructive part of this energy vividly.

Congratulations on the Artscene inclusion and December spot. I hope it brings you lots of exposure and buyers.