Sunday, December 30, 2007

Red Mountain

Another from my archives, "Red Mountain" is a place to feel the earth beneath your feet and allow the healing properties of red to saturate your being.

I love working with red. The color of passion, fire, love, blood, earth, sunsets, flowers. I love to wear red - lipstick, nails, dresses, shoes. Tomato, Chinese, cadmium, wine, scarlet, and burgundy reds. One of my favorite pigments is alizarin red. I also love red wine, tomatoes, apples, cherries, berries.

Such a life affirming color. I once painted a huge room in my house deep red. A brave choice, how wonderful it was to sit in that room. It was a body friendly color to live with. I have always been partial to warmer tones, probably for this reason: my body likes them. I also look better in warm tones than cool. My hair is red, my personality fiery, I move quickly. I am impatient.

Patience is another virtue I have been courting, sometimes unwillingly. As I continue to clear out the old, I am releasing my impatience. Not all of it, some of it works just fine for me. I am simply not a turtle, sometimes to my detriment, often enough to my benefit to make it worthwhile the few times I get myself in a jam.

The impatience I am working on letting go of is with myself, and with my body. I have been learning to be much kinder to my body, since it dawned on me a few years back that I won't get very far without it. I want to be on friendly terms here. I went through years where I tended to ignore what it was trying to tell me. Many times when I am giving a reading, this very issue comes up. People expect huge things from their bodies without giving much in return. What works for me is to be kind to my body, say nice things to it, feed it well, wear validating clothes, get enough sleep.

As an artist, impatience doesn't work either. At least not while I am painting. This is one place where I get to slow down and lose track of time, which is the biggest healing as I am a notorious time freak, meaning I must be on time.

Funny Time Freak Story: My maternal grandfather was a time freak too. We would go to my grandparents' home for many holidays and family parties. Even though my mother tried her best, stressing all the way, it was a big challenge to get 6 children, herself, and my father ready in time. We were often late, though I'm sure by no more than 15-30 minutes. My grandfather would be standing outside of his home, pointing at his watch as we pulled up in the station wagon. And he wasn't amused, in fact he was often angry. We called it "being German" since he was. The Irish side of the family was a lot more relaxed about such things. I laughed at him then, still do now, but I see the same tendencies in myself. I no longer wear a watch as it kept falling off my wrist - my body rejected it! This can only be a good thing.

How about you, what is your relationship with time? Are you comfortable, do you stress, are you always late? What activities help you have more space and not worry about time?

"Red Mountain" 2005 32"x36"


Neda said...

Happy New Year! The best is yet to come, my friend :)

P.S.Internet service is erratic here but I will come back and visit all your posts :)

genxster said...

Happy New Year. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your paintings. What delightful energy! Often red paintings have an angry or tense feeling to them, but I really enjoy looking at your work.

Your entry got me thinking today about time and about how time seems to expand for me as I draw. Even when life seems to rush around me I find a little pocket in time when I absorb myself in rendering something.

Happy New Year! I look forward to checking out more of your paintings in 2008.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

This is a wonderful painting!

I too tend to be on time ... but I have learned to be more relaxes when others aren't ... they just plain aren't ... so what am I going to do? (tell them earlier than I mean when it is important, that's what)

I like getting lost in time ... painting is good when I am in the flow ... I work hard to be in the flow and let time take me. I was sick for decades and often couldn't do much ... that was a great teacher!

I like being alone and having control over my work and play balance .. then it is easier to stay in the flow.

I posted about my being tagged.

~ Diane Clancy

Debi said...

Interesting to post about time and with a mountain painting! Mountains speak earnestly of time, don't they?

It's not everyone that can wear red and feel comfortable, muchless paint a whole room in it. What a spirit you have. I admire your confidence. Plus, based on your photo, you look darn good in red.

I love this painting. Like another commenter said here it's amazing that somehow you've transformed that red into calmness and comfort. I could easily imagine this painting would be one of those that would last a lifetime of pondering and enjoying. It makes me pine to see your work in person. I bet it would bowl me over.

P.S. I'm terrible about time.

Kris Cahill said...

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your visits, thoughtful comments, and spirit of sharing! I am so happy to begin a new year in the company of so many talented people.


Neda said...

Between you and me, I wish I had a magical wand so I can eliminate time altogether (any clues??). Being kind of OCD myself, I am too conscious of time except when I completely lose track when I am doing art.

I love RED too, especially in interior design. I have wanted to paint one of my living room walls a deep red to accentuate the Oriental/Far Eastern decor in my house..maybe I'll have the courage to do it this year!

And Kris, we too are thrilled to have you in our community (thanks to Diane!).