Thursday, December 13, 2007

Summer of New Dreams

Another from this year's Energy Series, 'Summer of New Dreams' refers to this past summer, the oddest one I've had in a long time. Odd only in that nothing was normal or usual for me. Everything was still kind of new, it being my first summer in my new home, Los Angeles.

Actually, I finally figured out what I wanted to wear by summer. From the time we moved here over a year ago until sometime this past May? June? I still had no idea. Nothing seemed to fit, not literally, but stylishly. I didn't know what I wanted to look like.

I was reminded of that this evening while giving a reading to a young woman who just moved here 3 months ago. I saw the same picture for her, and she said, "Yes! I thought I lost my style."
It's kind of a big deal, especially out here. Not that one has to go around looking like a fashion perfect picture, it's more about image.

'Summer of New Dreams' refers to that time when I finally began coming up with my answers of what could be next. To dream some more new dreams. Once that time came for me, it seemed to get easier. I began to feel more at home here, no longer an outsider. It took as long as it took to get to this point, and looking back I can see it was all necessary.

"Summer of New Dreams" 2007 14"x14"


dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

I forgot to say I love the colors of these last too!

Interesting to hear about style where you are .. I am so out of style ..

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

I was a diehard fashionista for a very long time until I moved to the US, well Texas.. In addition, it was the 80's too (yuck).. As my weight increased in unisson with my age, I slowly forgot the oomph of style.. Nowadays, I have a separate wardrobe: one for here and the other for when I go to see my family in Lebanon (you cannot be caught in last year's fashion over there). I must sound really superficial but I love fashion (it's an art form, n'est-ce pas?)