Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"You're Green Baby..."

January 2007 has been a truly fabulous and action packed month for me. I am officially incorporated in the state of California, licensed with the city of Los Angeles to both sell paintings AND give clairvoyant readings. 13 paintings I sent to Chicago will be in a show there this weekend. I'm hanging another show this Friday in West Hollywood. I'm giving readings next week to several women I met at the Sundance Film Festival. I'm in another show in Pasadena this spring. Life is good.

Two weeks ago I met with an amazing man named Calvin Goodman who has been working with artists and art dealers for 40-plus years. He wrote a very well known book called 'Art Marketing Handbook', which is packed with useful information. Calvin was very validating and informative; seeing him helped me to blow a great big picture about the value of what I do. I am taking a step as an artist, and working on BEING SEEN.

90% of the people I've given readings to lately are working on this same issue. Whatever they may ask, it often comes down to being safe enough, validated enough, having permission, etc... to be seen. Can you be seen as being capable, talented, beautiful, psychic? Do you have permission to stand out, to shine? Can you think of yourself and what you want first? It always seems more fun to me to be able to define for yourself how you are seen, rather than let something else do it for you.

At the Sundance Film Festival this month I met so many amazing people. The whole event was about seeing and being seen. A 10 day party, though I was only there for 4. Filmmakers, actors, producers, celebrities, movie lovers, et al.
While there I met a woman from Portland named Jenn who, after hearing my name, told me she'd heard of me. A former client of hers had seen my website and loved my work, telling Jenn about it. Jenn had lost the information until she met me. Her whole face changed as she told me this. It was a very cool experience for me, wow! I have never been to Portland. Of course I gave her my card.

I will be visiting Chicago in early March, and I am booking readings now. If you will be in Chicago then and want a reading with me, email me for an appointment.

"You're Green Baby, Oh So Green..." 2006 32"x30" at

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Color and Inspiration

This painting, 'Light on Earth' is in a group show in Pasadena, which closes tomorrow. I painted this when I still lived in Chicago, and found when I moved to Los Angeles that this painting was inspired by the hills I hike here. I'd already been painting Southern California a year or more before I moved here!

As an artist, I find my inspiration everywhere: color, music, nature, light, words, movies, people, the Astral, energy. Sometimes I just want to explore a color, and I work through it in my head until I can finally paint it. I've been working green a lot lately, and then when I'm ready I'll move on to purple or orange, gold, red, magenta, or all of them together. I can see by what colors I need or want around me where I am working.
I can think and see in color.

Energy has color; this is how clairvoyants see. When I give a reading to someone I am looking at their energy, and I see their colors and also the colors that are not them. I also see the pictures and so on, but I start with color.
The colors of the West Coast are so different from the Midwest. I'm in a whole new relationship with color. One of my goals as an artist is to be a great colorist, so I welcome the change. It has me looking at color from a completely different perspective.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New New New!!!

It's the 2nd day of a new year, and I have that brand new year enthusiasm. I hit the ground running today. Tomorrow marks the 3 month anniversary of my move to Los Angeles from Chicago. I'm still not over how people think it's so cold out here, which it's not, even though it's winter. I'm that pesky person from 'back east' that laughs out loud when you tell me it's cold and I'm in a jean jacket in December! Brrrr. Even my sister, who's lived here for 9 years, laughs at me for wearing sandals in what she calls 'winter'.

Anyway, enough making fun of what I will no doubt be doing once I have lived here long enough.

I am an artist and clairvoyant. The two go hand in hand, so far as I am concerned.