Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Value, Part 1

I'm in the process of approaching galleries in LA with the intent of finding representation for my work. Last night I did a count of the numbers since I began keeping track of my paintings, back in 1993.

That was the year I sold my first painting. It was in a group show I curated at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, when it was still at Broadway and Belmont, called 'The Religion Show'. I made 3 pieces for the show; "Self Portrait With Pope", "Women Held a Unique Place in Early Christian Society", and "Career Choices For Catholic Girls". 'Career Choices' sold, and I realized I wanted to sell a whole bunch more.

Since 1993, I have painted about 700 paintings. I have sold 500 of them, mostly on my own, through shows I created. Sometimes gallery shows, group shows, but very often in cafes, restaurants, doctor's offices, schools. One of my most successful shows was in a doctor's suite of offices on Diversey in Chicago. I sold a dozen pieces or more from that show, which I was very proud of. It was a great show. Lots of people came to the opening, and there were free clairvoyant readings and healings for anyone who wanted one. Good food too!

One of the energies I am working on now is
value. I am treasuring the value of who I am and what I can create, just as for years I didn't get that I or my works had value. Now I'm starting to, and as I value myself and my work more, it increases. This has to do with clear sight; clairvoyance means 'clear seeing' in French. The greatest use of clairvoyance is seeing oneself. It has little to do with popping out fortunes. I'm using my clairvoyance to see my own truth!
When I give a reading, I am more interested in seeing the spirit of the person sitting in front of me. It's like opening a great big book, what do I read first? There's so much more to you than you might validate.

"Bluebirds" 2006 26"x20"

Friday, February 2, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

Today I woke up thinking about Kermit the Frog. Specifically, Kermit the Frog singing "It's not easy being green." Youtube has the original video from Sesame Street, so I watched it. It's such a sweet song about just being who and what you are. Kermit is a green frog. He has learned to love himself as a green frog.

Green has another meaning to me. Often when someone is going through a time of great growth, his or her aura will be green. Green can also be a powerful healing color. Spring green - a color of new beginnings. Green is a color I'm painting a lot more these days. I'm exploring green. This painting is called 'Day of Green Jewels'.

I'm almost ready to move on to blues and purples. Rich ultramarines, deep violets, yummy. Today I'm meditating on green. Tomorrow is another colorful day.

"Day of Green Jewels" 2006 36"x32"