Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Many years ago, my morning alarm clock was a classical music station. One morning the most amazing piece of music woke me up, and had a profound effect on my entire day, so much so that I remember it still nearly 30 years later. The song was Faure's "Apres un Reve", ("After A Dream"). I still love this piece.
"Dream" was created one morning after a night of very vivid dreams. I couldn't quite place the action in some of my dreams so that it made sense. This painting describes it without words, kind of like music can do. It's the beautiful colorful energy of the dream that is left behind.

"Dream" 2007 10"x10" Available on Etsy

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blue Chord

An abstract painting is like an improvised song. If you follow the imagery in this one, and allow yourself to just hear it, you may notice that it has a bit of bluesy electronica tango kind of thing. With a lot of interesting percussion. Some softer melodies, and some nerve jarring horn screeches... That's what makes painting abstracts so much fun, it really takes the effort out of creating. The knowledge of color and composition is already there, now it's time to play. An exercise in letting go of control, while still having it. Know that there will never be another moment like this one, and go with it.

"Blue Chord" 2007 13"x12", available on Etsy

Monday, October 29, 2007


You know this horizon, this place in the distance. It's an alone but not lonely kind of place. You taste the energy in the air, you search your memory for the past connection. This place of growth, where the earth and sky blend into each other, is something new being born out of that meeting place? This is a place of spirit, seen by those who are experiencing this themselves. To anyone who can't see, it may be just a mirage.

"Mirage" 2007 10"x10"