Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Butter Heart and Self Promotion

I've been all about marketing and self promotion lately. Increasing my visibility is one goal I have for 2008. I have a number of tools I use to let people know about me and what I do. This blog, my website, Etsy, Trunkt, Myspace, youtube, Boundless Gallery...not to mention all the blog social networking sites. I've been getting plugged into more of them, and creating relationships with people I meet this way. For me, a huge plus in expanding my networks is that I get to meet so many new people. I learn a lot from other artists while making it possible for opportunities to find their way to me.

One of my favorite ways to inform people about what I am doing now and what's new, is my monthly newsletter, 'Art & Clairvoyance'. I usually send it out the first week of the month, but because of the New Year and the holidays, I waited until yesterday to send it out. I use Constant Contact, which is a service you can buy that makes it easy to send out mass marketing emails that are also very pretty. I have collected email addresses for years, and began using this service about 2 years ago. I send my newsletter out to nearly 500 people each month. My email list continues to grow. I collect addresses from people I read at events and parties, people I meet at art shows, people I just meet who might be interested in what I do. Constant Contact is intolerant of spam, so it is important to ask people if you can put them on your email list.

People pass my mailing on to their friends and colleagues, so many more people receive it than the number I sent out. All this for $20.00 a month! I always get more business as a result. Plus it's a fun way to communicate with someone you haven't seen in a while. I got an email today from an old school friend I haven't heard from in years, responding to my newsletter. A nice New Year's hello!

Here are a few blogs I read that have interesting tips on marketing art online:
Online Arts Marketing
This is a sample from yesterday's post:

"This question has been asked of me more times than I can count: How can I survive as an artist?

It is the dream of many artists to spend their day creating and not think at all about the business. I’m not sure if anyone is blessed in such a way and if they are, they must be extremely rare. Even the person who has an agent or a manager cannot just let the business side go completely, there are too many decisions to make."

Diane Clancy's blog is another I go to for tips and information: Diane Clancy
Diane writes a lot about social networking, plus her art is so colorful and beautiful that it's a lovely treat every time you visit her blog.

If you are planning to be seen, it is helpful to be visible! I think so many of us have gone through times of wanting to be invisible. We may have felt very sensitive, needed to be safe, or we were going through something and just didn't want to handle any attention. That's why I recommend you check these guys out. I'm sure they are sensitive and all, but they manage to put on a brave face! They are not afraid of a little attention: Mixed Species
Found them yesterday and I have been laughing ever since.

Speaking of all this promotion and being seen, I will be present and giving free mini readings at 2 events in the Los Angeles area in the next month.

January 29, 5:00-8:00PM in Pacific Palisades at the Cellular Recall Healing Center.
February 5, 6:00-9:00PM in Sherman Oaks at Burgundy Blue.

If you will be in the area and want to receive a reading, please contact me by commenting or email and let me know. I am signing up people in advance, so be sure to reserve your time. Read more here about my readings.
If you'd like to sign up for my email newsletter, send me an email and tell me.

"Butter Heart" 2008 9"x9" acrylic on vinyl in reverse
available at ETSY


kim@laketrees said...

hi Kris
great title for this painting...
I can see the rich dollops of butter....
very very interesting symbolism....

Kris Cahill said...

Hi Kim,
Thank you, your comment had me see it in a new way!

Sweet Irene said...

I live too far away from you for a mini reading, but I do love Butter Heart. I want to dip my finger in it and lick it off.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Great image and also inspiring words - I need to re-read them on the train....I admire your drive and determination.

You will make it an "artist eat dog world."

A reading would be amazing...

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

Great painting!

Very helpful post - you are reminding me that I should go check out a few more places ... does it every stop? No ... well ...

Thank you for talking about me! (And nicely too!)

~ Diane Clancy