Saturday, January 26, 2008

First and Last

"Red Front" 2005 30"x32" Acrylic on vinyl in reverse SOLD

"The Sea Has Secrets" 2007 30"x32" acrylic on vinyl in reverse
available at

These two pieces are from a series I began in 2005 and feel I have now completed. I sold "Red Front" first and then was commissioned to make 2 others like it. "The Sea Has Secrets" came later, because I loved working with these colors. It is true that every painting has its moment. Every moment is unique. When I try to recreate one because I loved it, it can be very disappointing if I think I'm making the same painting. This will never happen.

For me, the hardest painting to make is a commission. Though I love and welcome them, and have done many, they take me longer as a rule. I tend to second guess myself more. It is also very hard to recreate one of my own pieces. First of all, it will never be exactly like the first one. That goes without saying. I've got to be in the zone to do this. Plus have a good attitude!

How do you handle the energy of creating a commission? What works for you in this process?


HMBT said...

Yeah, I don't do commissions as a rule. Unless it's a patron that I have worked with before or I know a little about their personality first. (I'll do a reading first to see) I did commissions way back when I started, but it was so stressful to empty myself out and paint another person vision. Especially if it was because the art needed to match a me crazy!!! I do commissions now on averge 3-4 year, and they are interviewed before hand by me, and they have to agree to let me work the way I nagging or nit picking. It's art baby, not a custom car. At least that's the way it is for me. I don't like to be told what to do...evah!
This took a lot of the stress out of making a living from my artwork for me. As far as recreation...I have tried to re-create my own work for luck in getting it just right, because I often do not know how I did what I did in the first it's like trying to create an accident, perfectly. It ain't gonna happen in this studio, because I paint with intuition...not a plan.
I have had many times when working with my clients (my day job is as a intuitive life coach 20+ years and a quater million readings to date) that a new work has sprung up in my head while working with them, or maybe because of them, and I work like a mad woman to capture it. But I still don't have a clue most of the time as to what or why I am creating, it's just a part of being able to see more than the naked's just another part of myself and an expression of the gifts I came here with. Man I did ramble on, sorry, but I hope that it makes sense.

HMBT said...

OH, and I forgot to rave about your two works you show with this post...WOW, I love those colors and the fuzzy, full of love for what you do feeling that is within them!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

Beautiful paintings ... but that is no surprise!!

I have trouble just trying to finish series that I start in traditional medium - especially if there is much time between paintings.

A couple of times I have tried design work for hire or licensing .. the latest a few weeks ago.

They love my work but want me to change ... blah blah blah to go better with how they do things ... it just doesn't come out in a way that has worked for me.

I may try again ... but it seems I do better ... I do not know what I will do if someone asks me to do a commission .. usually I just say no.

~ Diane Clancy

Kim said...

I love the colour and composition in these paintings Kris
have you seen the work of an Australian Painter called Tim Storrier?
I'm not one for commissions usually...
I have a very loyal patron who buys my work regularly...and it is usually work that is already completed....
I am working on one at the moment for a friend of a friend and I have stipulated no deadlines or changes ....

Kris Cahill said...

Heather, Diane, and Kim, thanks so much for your thoughts on commissions. You are all helping me in my decisions regarding which way I am going with that. I love how you have each come up with some rules for how you will do this. Kim, I will check out Tim Storrier, thanks!