Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008, and a very Happy New Year to you! I'm spending New Year's Day my usual way: obsessively bringing things into present time. My contacts, calendars, home, music, etc... have all been going through this update for weeks now as I have been preparing to create in 2008.

Noel and I began a New Year's Day tradition early in our relationship. Every year we write out our lists of what we want in the new year. First, we build a fire, read the old lists, laugh, groan, validate... then we burn them up, saying goodbye and thank you to the year gone by. We let it go completely. I've sat on a lawnchair in the snow in my backyard in Chicago, burning lists over the firepit. Quite fun, especially the part about scaring the neighbors. Now we have a fireplace indoors in which to burn our lists.

Next we write our new lists, spending as much time as we need to write our goals for the new year. Many are carried over from previous years, some are brand new. Some are things we want together. And each of us has lists to do with art, career, money, health, spiritual growth, and so on.

To keep our magical lists safe and sound, we built a special container. We painted and decorated a wooden box which once held a bottle of champagne. It also has some pretty details inside, fun objects, scrolls containing ongoing lifelong goals like "love", and is a work of art unto itself. After we toast our new year's lists, we fold them and put them into the box for next year. This box lives in our home and looks like a piece of funky sculpture. Whenever we've moved, it's one of the first things we make sure to pack safely.

Having this tradition has made New Year's Day more fun and important to me than New Year's Eve. It's practically a holy day, and can help set the tone for the year. Of course, this isn't the only day I write my goals. Before I ever hit the paper on January 1, I've been working these goals, clearing the way for what I want to attract, create, have. I've been searching myself, looking for what I am ready to leave behind, what I am letting go of, another way to lighten my load. It's an ongoing process not left to just one day a year. I do love a good ritual though, it makes it more real and special.

Do you have any rituals you've created that you want to share?

"Sherbet Sea" 2006 32"x30" at kriscahill.com


dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

What wonderful ideas!! I got on my blog today a list of what I have done ... I am hoping to write tomorrow about my goals for this year.

I just can't be too rigid about timing!! Great work!

~ Diane Clancy

ARTzy FaRtZy GiRL said...


How romantic that you participate in this ritual together!

Looking forward to our collaboration. Will call you soon.



Neda said...

Such a lovely ritual! You're giving me ideas for next year. Thanks!