Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Thoughts For Mondays

I woke up today with a very happy thought: there are still two more Harry Potter movies to come! A fun thing to wake up thinking about, as I have loved Harry Potter from the first book. I even went as the boy wizard for Halloween about 7 years ago, wig, glasses, scar, and all. I wish I had a Hogwarts to go to when I was a kid. I would have fit in there much better than I did at St. Barnabas.

Color is something else I wake up thinking about frequently. Not always consciously, it's so much a part of who I am and how I see things. I am in love with color. As an artist, clairvoyant, human. Seeing color is one thing I am most grateful for. I think it takes having a human body to see color as we do. After being told as a child that dogs don't see color like people do, I remember thinking, how do scientists know that? Did they actually ask a dog? How did that conversation go exactly? I went so far as to hold different colored objects up in front of my dog, who seemed indifferent mostly.

Working and playing with color is one of the joys in my life. Right now I am attracted to reds, magentas, and pinks. I want to wear these colors, paint with them, and buy new lipstick to match. I recently bought some hot pink wool to make a skirt, with a pink lining. I already know what I'll wear with it: black boots and my black jacket with the red embroidery. Plus I have an amazing sparkly magenta necklace that will be perfect. An outfit like this heals me!

Today I began my first tree paintings in over a year. The trees are deep magenta tones, with reds, pinks, and purples. Though I just have the first layer of color down, I picture the entire piece. Painting in reverse is so funny because the objects in the foreground must be painted first. In this case, trees first, then earth, signature, sky. I picture this piece having an intense sky filled with movement. It remains to be seen, and hopefully posted on this blog by the end of the week.

I am so excited to begin a new tree. After working on these tree paintings in my head and my dreams, now I'm actually doing them. (For some reason, I couldn't paint trees in 2007.) Many of my earliest paintings on vinyl were trees and leaves. My trees are usually solo, mostly bare, dancing in the atmosphere, sometimes kept company by stars, often alone and contemplative. I have often seen them as my self portraits, though not on purpose. It's only after I paint them that I see this, and then I wonder how I missed something so obvious.

Trees are grounded deep into the earth. They stretch way up high, into the sky, reaching for the stars. Some trees bloom with fantastic flowers, others with lovely leaves create cooling shade on the hottest of days. Trees clear the air, they detoxify the air we breathe. One of my favorite books about trees is called The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. When I moved to Los Angeles I was awestruck by the blooming of the jacaranda trees in the spring. You better believe I will be painting some of those this year.

All this talk of trees, and my painting of the day is pink flowers? Yup, flowers are next. Hey, what's your favorite tree?

"Three Pink Ones" 2005 32"x28" Sold


Shoshana Rose said...


As always your colors and words inspire me. You make me laugh outloud! :-)

My favorite tree is the olive. Perhaps because I LOVE olives and olive oil?! And too, the sight of the olive branch in the beak of a dove....


Chris O'Byrne said...


First, thank you for the kind words on my blog!

Second... holy cow, the colors in your work drives me crazy... I love them!! I'm subscribing to your feed so I don't miss any more.


theysaywordscanbleed said...
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Lisa Sarsfield said...

This is such a fun piece! You couldn't look it and stay mad. It has a innocence to it which I really like.
Thanks for the comment on my blog, yes it was an unexpected but fun co-opreative work. I like they way the net makes that possible.
Wishing you all the best for a (colourful) great year ahead.
Lisa :)

Leah said...

hehe, i loved the harry potter series too and i'm very happy that there are two more movies. :-)

i also love painting trees. love it! i enjoyed reading about your experiences with color!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

This is a fun painting!!

You know I love, love color too!

And Harry Potter!!!


~ Diane Clancy