Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's a Wonderful Day

I finished, photographed, and added 10 new original paintings to my Etsy shop tonight. Please check them out. I will be adding more soon. My 2008 business plan includes making full use of the resources I already have available to me, as well as developing more. More news will come as I bring my online galleries and communication into present time.

I paint smaller pieces specifically for Etsy. This is another from my abstract landscape series, "Wonderful Day", 10"x10". I'm painting a lot of smaller hearts too, in anticipation of Valentine's Day. I am ready to paint large again, and have planned some pieces I will begin this week. I made a few sketches during the holidays, and lots of notes as well. As hectic as that time of year can be, I find it refreshing in that I can take a step back from what I've been immersed in, and see it with fresh eyes. This is necessary if I am to allow myself to create from the new place I am in now. I've got to give myself space in order to continue.

One way I've added space into my day is by changing the way I do things. My husband Noel and I have a fairly new morning ritual; days we have enough time to do so, we have coffee and tea in bed. Whoever wakes up first gets up and makes it. This also inspires us to wake up earlier so we have time for our ritual. We read some of the blogs we write and/or find, out loud to each other, while having our coffee (him) and tea (me) in bed. We used to get up and go off to do our own things, and this daily ritual helps us start our day in a really nice way together.

Another place I am looking to give myself some space is in my studio. What helps here is to take the pressure off the demands on myself to produce. I realized last year I just needed time to play, and I was getting caught up in having to create in a certain way. No space, no fun!

Last summer I went through a "crisis" during which I wondered if I even wanted to be a painter anymore. This was the key question, one I hadn't even been able to consider before. Now I was asking myself seriously if I wanted to continue doing something I'd put so much energy into for many years. I even imagined myself giving away and selling my supplies and tools. After about a month of being in this funk, during which time I painted nothing but sewed a few great dresses I love to wear, I began to lighten up. I also gave a lot of readings, and it was at this time that my Clairvoyant Reading business picked up quite a bit. I felt as if I were watching myself go through this, and knew I would be fine. I just needed to know I had the freedom to change, and I had to update my agreement with myself, as the artist. I had to give myself space.

Why create if it's not fun? As the actor's joke goes, "what's my motivation?". I want to sell my work and make a living from it, but that's never been enough of a motivation. If it was, I would have picked a much higher paying field and stayed in it. My work has always suffered when I'm bored, when my spirit wants to be elsewhere. I don't think I'm the only one here!

What makes original art so appealing is the original part. Each of us is unique, therefore it makes sense that what we each create will be original if we are being true to our own unique vision. I will write more on this in future posts, and would love your feedback about how you experience this yourself.

"Wonderful Day" 2008 10"x10" acrylic on vinyl in reverse - Available at Etsy

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John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

First, thank you for visiting and commenting.

I am drawn to this painting and it has much energy and strength. Very positive.

The reverse painting technique is intriguing - the opposite of what I have ever done when I painted.

Yes, that a peie be uniqueness is important in my art, although prints such as lithographgs and photographs can be numbered as limited editions, or not.

I do paint on my photo quilts in part to add the purely human and also to enhance and add elements that cannot be done in bytes.

A byte in time does save nine.

Your words are positive - the art world is so competitive and you are ready to climb up as if in a mental Hummer.

I am going to link your blog. I hope you do not mind. A pleasure meeting you.