Friday, January 11, 2008

A Present Moment in Time

There's no time like the present! This moment too, shall pass. The times they are a changin'.

If there's one thing we humans tend to do, it's try and hold on to stuff. Many times it's easy to forget and hard to remember the present is a new place. Especially in the last century as change has happened more quickly.

In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time. - Leonardo da Vinci

I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer.
Colette (1873 - 1954), The Last of Cheri, 1926

Passion kept one fully in the present, so that time became a series of mutually exclusive 'nows.'
Sue Halpern, O Magazine, September 2003

Living in such a fast paced time, with many demands on one's attention, it is easy to get caught up in any place but now. As I mentioned yesterday, I meditate daily, and this is a great big reason why: I want to find myself in present time. I want to bring my attention and my energy back to me. I want to let go of the past. I want to heal those parts of me that are out of whack.

Many people, and I was one once, are so busy that they are running all day long. There is never time for sitting, being, reflecting. Especially in the United States, something about a Work Ethic? People think they are being lazy if they take time to reflect, sit, be. Hell, nobody's supposed to just BE anymore! How many people do you see just sitting on a park bench, not doing anything else? Not plugged in, reading, talking on a cell phone, listening to music, or glued to a computer screen?

One reason I love to travel is that I can shake off the everyday demands to be anywhere but here, any time but now. While traveling, I have the opportunity and the space to see something new. Not just landscapes, but people. I can more easily be in the present, because that's where I am.

What are the activities that help you be in the present? Do you like to be here?

"A Moment in Time" 2006 32"x29" acrylic on vinyl in reverse SOLD


Chris O'Byrne said...

Being a long-time practitioner of zen meditation, I love to just be. I love long drives in the car where the radio and iPod are turned off and I just immerse myself in the moment. Reminds me of the old phrase, "we're human beings, not human doings.

Thank you for this post and the incredible color.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

I meditate every day too .. when I was real sick and in bed for a looong time ... I meditated for hours every day.

When I went cross country in 1974, it was wonderful for that reason!!

~ Diane Clancy

nisha said...

Hi kris.. i love this blog of yours!:) simply amazing.. being a lover of paintings myself, am sure to visit here often:)

I just cant help myself from adding your link to my blog and would be glad if you could do the same for me:)


Sweet Irene said...

I am new here and enjoyed reading some of your older posts and your artwork. I have included your weblog under my favorite blogs.

I love some of your paintings and the moods they purvey. The abstracts are very nice, but I also like the tree paintings.

In my own way, I meditate every day except that I call it daydreaming.

amy said...

Love the tree. It's reaching up to the sky with hands almost. Breathing is usually all i get to rather than full on meditation. And mindful eating sometimes when I have something very yummy that needs to be savored.

self taught artist said...

i love that the tree below looks dark and even sickly (thats just my reaction to it so i hope i dont offend you...)and then make another tree of similar style that has a completely different element to it...that of passion and anger, as if this tree were coming towards life and the other tree away from life.
good posts.

Shoshana Rose said...

I recall reading somewhere, years ago, that a sunbath does a body good. So even though I can not daily indulge myself in the lengthy hours of prayerful meditation and singing, as I did for many years as a full time homemaker, I do make a habit of going out in the sunshine for at least a ten minute bath.

Sitting in lotus position, eyes closed, head raised to the sky, I feel that this is my 'time out to feel; to just be'.

So even though my present life is much busier than ever before, if I get these daily sunbath-time-outs, I find that I easily snap back to my center and remember that nothing is so urgent that I can not enjoy my moment in the SUN!

Thank you again, Kris, for your inspiring and well written blogs. One of my new found joys is coming here to spark-my-flame!



Neda said...

I love visiting your blog because it is so refreshing. I can feel the absolute joy you put into it.As always, your questions dig deeper into my soul. I really have to unlearn a lot before I begin to breathe. Will you teach me?

Kris Cahill said...

As always, I am grateful for the time you all take to read my blog and leave your thoughtful comments. Merci!