Saturday, January 12, 2008


Reality, as in, get real! - comes in many flavors. I am reminded of this often because I have a great job: I get to give psychic readings to many people and see what version of reality they are living. I say this without judgment. After all, my reality isn't yours. We all see things differently. I am so happy we do - how boring it would be if every band sounded like the Beatles or Nirvana. Hooray for variety. Remember the potato famine!

Yes, variety is the spice of life. As a child, I was endlessly curious about other people and ways of doing things, still am. I couldn't understand how anyone wouldn't be. I was an artist and weird, and didn't fit in well. The neighborhood I grew up in underwent upheavals as a result of clinging stubbornly to its sameness. I was in judgment of the people there who were afraid of anyone who didn't look, talk, or think like they did. I know more now, and can allow them their provincial ways, for even my old neighborhood has broadened its scope. Seems new generations and technology come along and so does...CHANGE!

So in writing about reality, what I am asking is, whose reality are you talking about? Yours, mine, your friend's? So many people are sitting in something that's not even theirs. My favorite examples include the nightly news. What is being sold tonight as "reality"? What are you supposed to feel, think, buy, have, as a result? How does your body feel while watching the news? Frightened, depressed, asleep, interested? Try this: next time you watch the news, notice in particular how your body feels. You can even ask it. Hmmmm....

So again, what are you being sold as reality? This is where creating for oneself comes in handy. It's fun to blog and see what people all over the planet are doing to create something new, a new world, their own realities. If you are creating your life for you, you aren't matching to what others are creating. You aren't buying it unconsciously. Clairvoyance comes in handy here. What do I see for myself?

In my meanderings around the blogosphere today, I found something interesting. A group of Czech artists created a video last summer that got them in a whole heap of trouble. They made a video that looked like a nuclear explosion going off in the Czech countryside. Here's the link to the news report on Art Threat. And here's the group's Myspace page: Ztohoven. What these artists are trying to do is scare people awake. It's an interesting way to show one's art, to say the least. What do you think of their tactics? If Orson Wells were alive today and pulling his 'War of the Worlds' stunt, would he be facing possibly 3 years in prison too?

So again, what are you buying? What did you buy today? We have been trained well to consume. I'm fantastic at it, and intend to become a bigger consumer of shoes as soon as my budget agrees! However, what we each consume can be changed, and instead of being force fed some version of reality that isn't validating, why not create your own?

"Orange Sky" 2006 34"x32" acrylic on vinyl in reverse
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Sweet Irene said...

I agree with you that we constantly have to check with ourselves and see whose reality we are living. I very much don't want to live a reality that has been dictated to me by someone else, be it consciously or subconsciously, by an individual or by an institution. I need to always know that my reality fits my norms and standards of conduct that I have made up myself and have come to decide on after having given it a lot of thought. My reality is influenced by my bipolar disorder, so my reality changes a little with the changes that the disorder brings with it. But deep in my heart, in my core, I remain true to myself and observe myself and the world in equal terms. There are some basic elements that define my reality and they don't change. It does mean going through life without blinders on and being very aware and conscious of the world around you. And to be thankful for the chance that you are allowed to live the kind of reality that you do.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

You are a riot (no, not the kind to get you in jail) ... shoes!!

I too have become less judgmental of judgmental people .. that was a hard one for a long time.

One reality that I need to change is pushing Diane too hard ...

And it is hard when I am targeted because I am a different person than normal family. But unfortunately others get health issues too and understand better ... sigh! If wisdom could come without the pain ... I do believe it can and does ... but most of us seem to need to go through lots of pain to get there.

My heart goes out to those Czech artists! I can understand how they got there ...but ... sigh.

Anyway, take care and enjoy!

~ Diane Clancy

Sweet Irene said...

I forgot to tell you that I really like your painting. It is so fiery and intense. I love the colors of it and how they blend together. It reminds me of passionate feelings and emotions running deep and wide, but all very legitimate and honest. It must have been wonderful to paint it.

Chris O'Byrne said...

Great post! I would offer my own two cents, but I'm just too tired from birding all day!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Woah! Beautiful picture! Look memerising! BTW tq for dropping at my site! Have a nice day!

Kris Cahill said...

Thanks, all!

Irene, I agree with what you are saying, and like your way of putting things!

Diane, I have been working on the not pushing Kris too hard for years. It's working better now than before, but I must be vigilant!

Chris, thanks for the friending and adding on all the networks. I'd love to hear more about birding.

hor ny ang moh, Thanks for the visit!

Sweet Irene said...

Thank you for putting up my link. Isn't it nice to meet kindred spirits this way. I have a feeling I can learn a lot from you and enjoy your paintings at the same time. Sometimes it's just a plain old wonderful blog world.

She Who Flies said...

A most interesting post. I share your views and those things surely need to be said, again and again.

Neda said...

As I was reading your post right now, a huge explosion blasted in Beirut where I am at the moment. Iam so frustrated with the way "reality" is depicted especially in the news (ANYWHERE in the world). When will we just stand up and shake off all that toxic noise from our mass fed cultures? ...Sorry, I am really angry now :(

Kris Cahill said...

Irene, Chantal, and Neda,
I thank you for your input here. One of the things I am thankful for about technology today is that we could all meet this way, no matter where we are on the planet. How fun to meet kindred spirits from all over this great big world!

Genxster said...

Hi Kris,
Just had to stop by and look at this beautiful painting. The orange just
sings to me. Love the energy!