Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Return of Magic and RSS Hugger

Did you know that clairvoyance is impolite? Well, it is. This is something I've learned over the years. As I turned mine on and began using it, I had to become conscious of the energy not wanting me to see, or speak about what I was seeing. Much of the energy was telling me how rude I was for even looking! It is a powerful thing to see clearly and speak truthfully with compassion.

"To see clearly is poetry, philosophy, and religion all in one."
~ Eudora Welty

In my experience, there is a real return of magic when someone is able to see truth for herself or himself. Then a true choice can be made as to what to do next. It is when we are unconsciously swimming in lies that we get stuck. And that's OK too, it's where one may need to be for a time. However, discover your truth and energy has a way of moving FAST!

It gets more interesting. In order t
o see truth, ya gotta wanna. A roomful of the world's most talented psychics won't see squat if they don't want to. True! And as a psychic, if I can say hello to the beauty and truth of the person sitting in front of me, I am doing my job. It isn't up to me to judge whether someone is doing it "right" or not, so I don't. Believe me, each of us is already better at being in judgment of ourselves than anyone else could ever be! Who needs more? Besides, my truth is different from yours. How dare I impose mine on you?

One of my Life Goals is to be magic. How I do this is to be working from my Truth.

On another topic, I just learned about RSS Hugger, a new way to promote your blog. It's an RSS feed site that also promotes blogs in a unique way. Each person who joins has their own address. Mine is:

I visited the site to check it out and was impressed with how it's set up, and how it works. So I signed up, and finally got myself into the 21st century with rss feed. RssHugger works by featuring random blogs regularly, and changing its Top 100 blogs monthly, so there is always a chance to be featured. There are many ways to promote blogs, and I found this site to be user friendly. I like the attitude of the creator of RSS Hugger, Collin LaHay. He wants to promote other blogs while also creating success for himself, a win-win situation. For readers, it's a great way to find new blogs to read. Everything is organized to make it easy to find blogs in topics you are interested in. Check it out!

"The Return of Magic" 2007 32"x40" acrylic on vinyl in reverse
available at kriscahill.com


John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Excellent post and painting - i feel the energy.

I have some ESP somedays. Limited edition, though.

I need to look into this Hugger. Thank you.

Neda said...

I think you create magic everyday with your art and your words. You have such a kind spirit, Kris :)

Chris O'Byrne said...

Ah, the painting is so POWERFUL, like all of your work.

I'm curious... how do you turn on your clairvoyance? I've found as I get more in tune and open that I have more psychic moments, but I've never thought about specifically strengthening that ability.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

Beautiful image ...

I find I also need to choose when to be open to energies ... I used to be so overwhelmed by reading - automatically - energies ... I am much more balanced and happy now.

Just to let you know .. the link to ssdHugger has an extra part before it .. it's got blogger's address before it.

But I went to where it is and clicked on you!

~ Diane Clancy

Noel said...

Psst. Hey kid, your psychic abilities are showing....

Pass it on.

Kris Cahill said...

Thanks all, for your comments!

John, I am sure you do have ESP!

Neda, your comments are always so warm and lovely.

Chris, I have found what helps to begin with is grounding. Things begin to turn on when you are safe and focussed.

Diane, I agree, it's OK to turn it down and protect yourself.

Noel, so are yours!

genxster said...

Love the painting. Those colors really hit me. In a good way of course. Thanks for the joke you left me on my blog. You had me giggling.