Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shine You Shining Star

More Monty Python goodness for you:
How Not To Be Seen

This is what many people unconsciously think will happen to them if they are seen, famous, visible. As much as people say they want to be successful, often the level of success each can have is dependent on how safe he/she feels. This is something to consider while creating one's business plan! How much attention can you really handle? Are you safe enough to truly succeed the way you want to? How do you create a safe space for yourself?

I had a fun dream last week. I was being chased by something angry and mean, and as I was trying to get away, Jennifer Aniston showed up and whisked me off to a hidden cafe/bar, kind of a sanctuary. She didn't say a word, and was very neutral the whole time. We sat at a small table together in this sanctuary, and I realized this was a place she'd escape to when the attention got too much to deal with sanely. She was showing me a safe place to go to when I needed one.
I was very grateful.

Many readings I give come down to this. Here's a link to a previous post about this same topic.
The energy of safety is a big deal. A good word to use is grounding. Everything starts from grounding. One great way to find grounding is to be aware of your body. Have you been ignoring it, impatient with it, angry because it's in pain? Have you been pushing your body to be all it can be, meanwhile ignoring its pitiful cries of "stop!"?

One thing I have learned to do over the years is listen to my body. It is giving me all the information I need about being safe. If my body is happy, things are good. I am safe, I can create. If my body is angry, I have to stop and listen. I've learned in some not very fun ways that I needed to listen. One way I listen is meditation, which I practice daily. Learning to communicate with yourself is the benefit of this practice. I can't imagine living without it, not well anyway.

I'd already decided yesterday that today's post would be on being seen, and then I was featured on another art blogger's blog today! Leah from Creative Everyday has written something very nice about me and included a link to one of my youtube videos. Check out her blog, she is featuring a Creative Everyday Challenge for 2008.

And here's a link to a lovely idea, the Thank You Project.

"Night Tree" 2005 32"x27" acrylic on vinyl in reverse SOLD


Neda said...

Your post raises a lot of issues which I think about often. A part of me wants to remain invisible and yet I keep on peeling away a little more everyday I blog. Like playing with fire...

The mind/body connection or dichotomy is a very tough one for me. I live in my mind because it is free (or I think it is) of the heavy toll of my previous serious illnesses. I will heed your call and listen more carefully. Thanks, Kris :)

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

This one is beautiful without being beautiful. I hope you understand this as a compliment.

There are messages here.

Your post - your words are also important. I have self diagnosed ADD (first typed as AGG then ASS, sorry - correctged the typos).

There is a lot here. Very good.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

Great post ... and I ditto what Neda said.

I know I need to deal with things when I am upset or it goes underground ... but then I need to release.

~ Diane Clancy

She Who Flies said...

Beautiful painting. And your thought-provoking post resonated with me a lot. I believe that fear of success/exposure is often why we stall ourselves, why we procrastinate. Part of me loves being seen and acknowledged while the other part is quite happy feeling "invisible" and doing her own thing...

I truly enjoyed your lively Reverse Art video on YouTube and find your process fascinating (I've just come across your blog this week).

Kris Cahill said...

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments.

Neda and Diane, I wish you both great healing. One thing I have learned is how going through such hard things as illness can create a compassionate spirit, which I find true of both of you.

John, I too have often self diagnosed myself with ASS, (I thank you for that belly laugh, by the way). I understand the comment and find it to be very complimentary. Thanks!

Thank you also, she who flies. I've also been to your blog and like it much. I'll comment later!