Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Very Sweet Sale

I'm listening to one of my favorite musicians, Federico Aubele, as I post this. I've been listening to him often since a good friend in Chicago gifted us with his music last year. Last night we saw a film one of his songs is in, "The Namesake", and it reminded me that I've been wanting to write about seeing him live last October.

Federico had a show October 30, at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. I bought tickets, and was very excited to see the show, which was advertised as being him with a full band. Noel and I couldn't wait.

There was an awesome DJ first, Mexican Dubweiser. Finally, Federico came out onto the stage, with Natalia, a wonderful musician and singer. He said hello to a packed house, and then told us all we were in for a beautiful treat, a very special evening lay in store. It would be an intimate evening, kind of like Valentine's Day, because we were to have a special private show with just him and Natalia playing for us.

There would be no percussion, because 2 hours before the show, his drummer received a call about an emergency back home and immediately left to fly there. So he stripped down the 5 piece band to the 2 of them. And sold it to us in this incredible way. I was awestruck at his ability to do this. To let go of the fact that his show, advertised for months as being with a full band, was destroyed 2 hours before he was to go on. And then, cool as can be, he owned it. I applauded him just for this. No freak outs, no negativity, no apologies. The show was beautiful, very special indeed. And so is Federico's music. I urge you to check it out.

I have been tagged by Neda from Papiers Colles, asking me to share 5 fun or weird facts about myself. I just answered one of these tags recently, but apparently left out some of the weirder facts about me so now I have to 'fess up.

1. I was very skinny as a child and teenager. My nickname was 'Twiggy' and I even had her short haircut, so one Halloween I went as Twiggy and really looked the part.

2. I have an FBI file from when I was working in anti-war coalitions and leftist groups in my 20's. I haven't seen it yet, don't really need to. I know I have one because my name appeared on a list published after the FBI was caught spying on some of these groups in the early 80's.

3. In art school, I sported an Eddie Munster haircut for a while, though mine was more feminine and longer. My bangs were pointy though. I liked this because of the added bonus that it irritated my mother.

4. I love puppies and dogs, and am a total sucker for any cute puppy walking down the street.

5. I originally went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to become a fashion designer, which I'd wanted to be since I was a child. Once there, I was less than enamored of that world, and after one semester in fashion class, studied other things, including textile design. Upon graduating, I designed and made clothing under 3 of my own labels: Bourgeois Rags, Konfettikids, and Lemmingwear. I had a sales rep for Lemmingwear and sold my designs coast to coast. In 1990, I gave up being a fashion designer to become an artist.

I am not going to tag anyone, as I already have done that recently. If you'd like to tag yourself, please do so and post a comment to let me know.
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"Blues full of Orange" 2005 32"x28" acrylic on vinyl in reverse, Sold


amy said...

Just found you and love your art! I think that's really cool that you are psychic and an artist. The two mesh well together.

Neda said...

Thanks for playing along, you're a real sport!

The more I read about you, the more I wish I met you earlier :). We have quite a lot in common: I, too, demonstrated (in Lebanon) for social justice, I really wanted to be a fashion designer, and I am fascinated by universal harmony...Maybe we met in another life, who knows?

Kim said...

love the electricity between the 2 colours Kris....
I haven't heard of Federico Aubele...but I will check him out...
your art school hairstyle sounds very hip :)

really enjoyed your posts about your abstracts and your process....
your paintings show a great sense of sponteneity and the colours are amazing...

Noel said...

you sure have come a long way since the Eddie Munster haircut, haven't you? I like it. And the Aubele show was terrific. Thanks for being the bloggiest blogger I know and inspiring me to blog once more.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

It was great fun to read more about you!!! I was involved lots in the anti-war demos and I know my phone was bugged at different times.

Thank for sharing!

~ Diane Clancy