Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Abstract Passion and Losing Touch With Reality

What concerns me is not the way things are, but rather the way people think things are.

Ah, reality. What of it? Whose reality, is what I always ask, but then again I am a known troublemaker. I can't let well enough alone. Somebody hands me a "truth" and I tend to poke holes in it. With a sharp stick dipped in honey.

"Reality" can just be a picture of what is real. The more people who agree with the picture, the more real it becomes.

I am not advocating for anyone to lose touch with reality. I will be one of the first people to tell you grounding can be a good thing. It's the false realities that have to go.

I don't mean theatre and pretending and dressing up have to go. I mean those things everyone thinks are real when maybe they're not. I mean agreements over what's true. Think back to your childhood. What things were you absolutely certain were The Truth then that you know better about now? Maybe "everyone" believed something, so you didn't question it. It's hard to swim upstream.

Artists have a lot of lies to step over. They are not unlike other humans in this regard. The big untruths I am working on now have to do with being seen in the Art World, and making a living as an artist. There is a certain "wisdom" that says that only so many artists, a tiny percentage actually, will ever do this. I remember being in art school and hearing the conventional wisdom going around about how to actually make a living as an artist. Most agreed it was impossible. One needs a real job, or a sugar mama/daddy, or tons of luck. Marketing was not a concept taught at my art school. Seems odd now, as that is the way things are, for artists, dealers, galleries, and just about anyone else with something to sell.

I don't see this topic as just about marketing or selling one's art. Reality is a broad concept. There are as many different realities as there are people. Each of us is unique, and has an individual way of looking at life. When looking for yourself, it may be easier to see clearly. The lens fogs up when looking through someone else's glasses.

Do you have a discarded "Truth" you'd like to share? Please post if you do. Thank you!

"Abstract Passion" 2006 32"x30" acrylic on vinyl in reverse
at kriscahill.com


The Artful Eye said...

My discarded truth- hmmm.. reality , schmeality. How do you define reality, it's elusive, perceived, sometimes contrived. But of course I would like to make money by my artistic hand and eye coordination, however this for me means compromise, which I am not willing to do. Perhaps having to change the way I produce or create, which I am not will to do. I love to create so much that my heart aches, I only wish I had more time to really get into all the projects spinning in my head. So, I am happy, just doing at whatever moment I have, when I can, free, no committments. Money doesn't buy freedom, or happiness. Art for money doesn't buy freedom or happiness. I just figure one day it will all come together,in time, when it's meant to be. In the meantime, I watch and hope for others to spread their wings. Hope for me is eternal.

Abstract Passion now one of my favorites. Color lover.

Kim said...

gorgeous explosion of colour Kris...
as for reality....I always think of the story of The Emperor's New Clothes...
I think being true to oneself should be a priority and the rest should fall into place...though I think having a good agent or friend to promote you helps as well exposure in the media..

HMBT said...

My discarded truth is that I thought because I've never been taught how to make art (no formal training) that I would not be able to self teach and be a success. NOT TRUE!
I love that painting, the movement and colors make me want to dance and sing really loudly on top of a hill at sunrise. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

My discarded 'truth' - is that we must 'be' something in order to be happy. I think that statement misses the point of just 'being'.

Thought provoking post... :)

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

to paraphrase john lennnon

"art is a commodity by whch we measure our pain."

I expect to make no money off art, not even t break even. the artists I have met here have been an inspiration.

I fear I will become a woman here, though ....I even liked the fricking book mime when I read Bobbie's.

Crapola, let me send some rude monkey mail to someone.

Good painting, btw. My comments do not make me a mysterious artist - need to work on that.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

First, there is a little something for you over at my blog.

Discarded truths ... that I am not good enough as I am ... that there is something inherently defective about me as a human being.

That is the truth that I hope I have discarded and would like to discard whatever bits remain!!

~ Diane Clancy

Chris O'Byrne said...

This post has taken me all day to absorb and figure out what I wanted to write. My biggest fake reality was the one I believed in growing up and in my twenties and early thirties. I KNEW that I had to live and believe a certain way in order to make it in this world or be respected. At some point I just woke up and realized that I truly was creating my own reality as I went and could change that in any way I chose. One of my most favorite movies is "What Dreams May Come". Those of you who have watched it know why this is so.

As always, Kris, a wonderful post!

Sweet Irene said...

When I was 17, people, including my family, used to say about me that I was very mature for my age and I believed them and acted accordingly, therefor doing all things in life before I was emotionally ripe enough to really be doing them.

The statement that I was mature for my age was false. I was not mature, I was just very well behaved. I spent many years doing important things prematurely, until life caught up with me and I had a big break down.

Now I know that I am not that smart for my age. I have a lot left to learn. Lots of experience to pick up, lots of lessons to learn.

What people want to claim about you, may be very false indeed, but you may be convinced into believing it.

Kris Cahill said...

Thank you, everyone, for contributing and sharing your discarded truths. They can now be burned on the trash heap of History, while we dance around laughing: Bwahahahahahahaha!

Special note to John: It looks like you'd better send some monkey mail, stat! Perhaps some of these good folks would like to receive some?