Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Green on Purple & Creative Blogger Award

Last night I had so much fun, giving readings at the last Psychic Night we will be doing at Burgundy Blue, a shop owned by a friend of mine. She has sold the shop so she can concentrate on designing. We had a full house, and I even sold 4 of my small heart paintings. I watched my friend sell my work so easily, absolutely no effort at all on her part, and with such grace and charm. I told her that if she ever decided to become an art dealer, I would happily give her 50% to represent me. Selling is such an art, and I tend to freeze up sometimes when trying to sell my own work. I do so enjoy watching excellence in this art form. I aspire to improve in this area. And I truly appreciate those who do it well, especially on my behalf. Lucky me.

One thing my friend has while selling my work that I don't, is neutrality. She sees my work as having great value. There is no judgment on her part, no question of worth. She is a businesswoman, and knows how to communicate to someone who is interested in buying. Did I already say that the ability to do this blows me away? I can do this for others, but have a much harder time doing it for me. I love to talk to people interested in my work, that is not the problem. And I market quite a bit, online and by email. It is the Value question that I am grappling with. Though I know my work has value, I get shy when presenting my art to someone in person. Especially gallery owners. I am working on overcoming this weakness on my part, and I see that neutrality is the key. Not taking any of it personally, not the praise or the rejections. It's all a part of it. And hey, I have the nerve to create it and put it out there.

Some books I've read that I find helpful with these issues include:

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orloff

If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland

And, on this note, allow me to brag about my latest award, another one sent to me by the lovely Sweet Irene, from Sweet Wood Talking. Thank you again, Irene! I am honored that people visit, comment, and get something out of reading my blog. And I am having so much fun writing it! Hey, there's that non effort thingy again. Hmmm.....

"Green on Purple" 2007 14"x14" acrylic on vinyl in reverse

available at


Noel said...

Do you need a bigger virtual mantel for all those awards you're racking up! And don't forget the balloons!

HMBT said...

Hey don't forget the flowers and candy with all these awards for being just a really...super fine, foxy moxy grrrrl. Congrat's on the sales too, that's always nice. I understand about the selling your own art thing, I too had to overcome it. Asking for the money is hard to do, that's why in sales, there are people who are "closers". They are the people that with no diss-ease, make the sale. At this point I am proud to say that I sell my own work better than anyone else I have ever seen. It was not always the case, but is true now, and I look forward to meeting people and getting to self represent, and close some sales too. Honestly, you are so right on about the effortless part. It's not another part of you, it is you this part included. It becomes easier to relax and let the flow happen in that type of space, because people are showing you your value...they take out their hard earned money again and again and pay for your work. There you have it...value. Four in one night?...come-on, your value is evident; you're the one in 99 that put it on the wall in the first place. Brave Goddess of Divine Art; your public awaits my lady. :)

The Artful Eye said...

This green heart makes me want to reach out and touch it. It looks like it's made of soft fur fabric, crazy, wonderful. I own and have read all 3 of these books and they are definitely must haves. Selling your own art is tough, it's hard for most to put value on what you do. I think if you can find a way to detach yourself from your work it might be easier but how do you tear away from a part of yourself, that is who you are, what is loved. Wonderful that you have such a lovely friend in your life with this talent to support and love you.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kris,

You sure deserve the Creative Blogger award!! Great!

Thoughtful post about marketing ... I think I am in a similar place to you ... I think though I have never seen such a skillful seller.

~ Diane Clancy

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Selling your own work is so difficult and you make some excellent points.

I read 'Art and Fear' - It was a very good way to help you overcome the blocks when they hit you right down the the bare canvas...

Congratulations on another well deserved award! :)

Kim said...

congratulations on your Creativity award Kris..
such a beautiful velveteen tactile :)

Neda said...

You sooo deserve this award!

Selling is so hard..I always end up giving my art away..It's not that I don't believe in myself or my art but I feel like I am selling my offsprings..Looking forward to Diane/Chris's blog collaboration on that subject... Maybe your friend can be a guest writer, huh?!

Kris Cahill said...

Thank you, all of you inspiring and amazing people I am so very fortunate to know through this incredible medium of blogging!!

Noel, would you build me one? With balloons?

Heather, I am in awe of you for your amazing attitude here. I am working on this one. Neutrality is the key, plus getting over being amazed every time somebody buys a painting from me. I have sold many paintings over the years, you'd think I'd be over it by now!

Andrea, I agree, neutrality is the key, and exactly where I'm working right now. I am lucky to have supportive people in my life. There was a time I didn't, and when I changed that, they showed up.

Diane, thank you!

Michelle, that is one book I will read again and again. "Apply as needed."

Kim, thank you. I love that people see it as velveteen, now I do!

Neda, I'm looking forward to that also. Lots of wonderful collaborations happening here, how great!

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Yep, that heart feels like you could rub it and get static cling, baby.....very nice - congrats.

Godinla said...

Hi Kris. This is not a request, it's a demand. I posted a video on a site called It's there for you and all of your friends who enjoy art. It will be online for a month but you MUST go there ASAP! Have a wonderful day. Be happy.

Kris Cahill said...

Thank you John!

Brian, I went there and saw. How beautiful!! I'll probably link it tomorrow. Thanks for passing that on.